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I am building up a Ninja 650R into a dirt machine. I am using KTM 450 suspension including swingarm. Since the countershaft sprocket is much further outboard on a sport bike vs dirt bike, I currently have a chain alignment issue. I solved this on the CBR i built by spacing out the rear sprocket and machining down the CS sprocket (to get it closer to the block). That took care of all alignment issues.

Someone in my build thread suggested that instead of centering the KTM swingarm (it is narrower than the Ninja frame and needs spacers) I should move the swingarm all the way to the left so that the chain aligns with everything stock. Then relace the wheel to the right to get the tire back on center.

I did that last night (moved the swingarm) and it made the packaging of the KTM shock much nicer too so I think I want to run with this.

The distance the tire needs to be offset is about 0.55". Is that too much? Would I need new spokes? $$?

This is how it looks with swingarm centered

This is how it looks with swingarm offset to the left

The last bike you guys helped me with was the FZ1 but that was running a KTM 950 swingarm and cush and was much wider I did not need to do anything to get that to work.


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