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Bill - your tank re-line, did you do it yourself? i found that to be a very shitty job.
Tank re-lining is tricky since the tank is prepped with strong solvents and then the liner has to aggressively adhere to the surface. If you have nice paint on the tank it can be at risk. This tank is original Monza Blue with enough patina to give it character, and with good hand-painted pinstripes.

The factory liner was basically sound with a few small low-lying areas where that factory liner had corroded from old gas drying out. So after strong solvent removed traces of the old gas and the interior was roughened up with agitatation with drywall screws it was ready to go.

I used the Caswell epoxy tank liner instead of the usual Kreem or POR solvent-based urethane coating. The epoxy is somewhat thicker than the urethane and that viscosity is temperature dependent, as is the pot life, so I had to wait for a warm snap, and carefully monitor the coverage before it started to set up. It did very well, but know how well in few years. ;)

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