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But how good would any sailboat be on the twisties? Anti-Hero is putting his thoughts together right now - I don't think he's given us his conclusions yet. I went back to the beginning of the RR to refresh my understanding of the genesis of this journey. He said that he'd been living in a way that was designed to achieve the facilitation of very specific financial, occupational, educational, and social goals....and that he knew he was stepping away from that and that doing so would be a "death" of sorts. Just before he left SF he met a neighbor of the guy he was staying with, who said '"On your journey remember, "Right here, right now, nothing else matters." Great advice and a poignant reminder of what this trip is all about.' To me, those are the essence of "Anti-Hero's Trip" consciously abandon a focus on achieving future goals and adopt a "right here, right now" way of living, accepting that the journey is the goal, the destination is not the goal, for in the end he's going to return to where he started. Except it won't really be "where he started" because he won't be the same guy when he gets back. I expect he'll tell us more about how the trip has affected him. Anti-Hero, please accept my apologies if I've strayed with this post. No intention to play armchair shrink or tell you what your trip was all about. Just a bit of what I've learned about life from reading your incredible RR. Thanks again for taking us along for the ride and sharing your thoughts with us.
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