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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
I cannot find TKC Twinduro TKC 80's in a 120/70/17. That would be an ideal tire for the Dempster on that bike if you can get one, but google showed me only 17 rears, 18 rears, 19 fronts and 21 least in the USA.

The Scorpion Trail is a street oriented tire not unlike the Dunlops mentioned earlier. The Dempster gets muddy. Even on dry days you get 200 yard lengths of mud.

That TKC 80 in a 120/70/17 would do the job, though.

Edit, this link says conti introduced the 120/70/17 this summer due to demand for the Duc MTS

That'll do!
Yeah, they seem to be having a hard time keeping the TKC in stock. The Kenda Big Block is another alternative, but people are buying those up faster than they can make them too. I looked for both of those for over a month for my XL600, and finally gave up and bought a mismatched set of Dunlop/Pirelli knobbies that will probably go 1500 miles.
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