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Day 8----or 11???

Sorry-----------I've been our riding again-------some butthole e-mailed me and said he had the gps coordinates of a very remote natural spring in Missouri that I hadn't been to. I said "Oh Yeah---what's the name of it. He said "Stupid Dog Spring".
I wasn't sure if he was yankin' my chain or not-----so off I went----------took me 3 days to go the 180 straight line miles to the spring---but me and my buddy Bash3R found it. And then it took me a few days to get home-------but I guess that's all another story-------so back to this. one.

It was Day 8 for the Mobius crew-------but Day 11 for me and the Dingleweeds as we had done a little riding before joining the Dr. and LDF.

Manchester to Medicine Lodge Campground in Wyoming
Yesterday we had crossed into Wyoming and headed South towards Colorado.

Poor ole' Francine---had to wait and wait for us men to get ourselves going.

Our route headed North a bit and we actually got back into Montana and on the Crow Indian Reservation.
Then we turned back South into Wyoming towards Colorado--which would take us a few days.

The climbing in here was extremely rutted, rocky and difficult.
I do remember Dave on the BMW800GS wondering if he should bail out here---not knowing his riding ability I wondered what he'd do.
He soldiered on and I found out real quick he was a better rider than I was as he ate this stuff up.

The Dingleweeds

This picture just blows me away-------I guess they don't like the road less traveled and took the easy way.
I just found it real odd that these wild horses were running down the road.

It was a stamped I'm tellin' ya'

We were on a very primitive road here and had to get thru this cattle drive.
I don't know what everyone else was thinking---but I'm thinkin' we were running into private property and these cattle drivers would stop us.
Not so-----it was a public road------if you want to call it that. The terrain would soon get brutal----and brutally fun.

The one gal sported a tube top, ball cap and pony tail instead of the traditional cowboy hat.
Pretty interesting actually----as she was as cute as a bugs ear

We dove down into this valley into the complete unknown------none of us had ever heard about anybody riding thru here and we
still pondered the private property thing and could see from here if we continued on our path we'd have to climb out of the valley.

We rode across the rutted up cattle path for miles and started a gentle climb.

Maybe Dave had an issue riding up this----not sure.

Dr. Rock stopped to take a picture early on in the climb out of the valley.
I was leading and it got really tough-------I mean really tough and I hoped I never got stopped as I thought I'd never get gong again.
I kept the WR250R pulling up the hill in first gear almost coming to a stop many times.

I was the first to get to the summit and it was pretty warm---more from the physical exertion than anything.
Like I said it was a very tough climb and a lot of luck had to be with you to make it unscathed------I wasn't good----I was lucky.

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