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More Day 8 from BigDogs perspective

I waited up there a long time before finally Scott almost gets to me. What's behind him was a steep brutal loose rock climb.

Francine comes up-------but no bike.
Dr. Rock had to help ride her bike a bit-----I wish I'd let him ride mine------I was exhausted.

We sat here in the shade----had a snack----lot's of water and felt so good at what we had just conqered.

You go girl-------as they say !!!!!
I'm thinkin' in here Dr. Rock had a waypoint called "Little Dicey".
Probably a trail that was barely visible on his research with Google Earth.
Like I said-------we have never heard of anybody riding thru here. I'm sure they have--but very few.

That is Dave on the BMW.

Man this was awesome.
We were having a hoot in here as the riding eased up a bit.
I think the temperature was bout 75 if I remember right-----it only got hot for us in difficult terrain.
My new KLIM Badlands Pro Jacket was perfect for this ride. It vented very well----good thing as I could never take if off riding
as I would have no armor.

Besides the route to follow-----Dr. Rock had nice little handy waypoints to help you alng the way.
I had a route-----the purple line with navigation distances.
I had a track log---the green line in case I got off the route.
And the handy waypoints.

The Waypoint summit was just a few miles south of the Montana border on Marble Quarry road--which most wouldn't call a road.

I'm bettin' this was the summit.

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