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More Day 8

Dr. Rock had been in contact with Steve (pictured) to meet and join our group in Burgess where we also got snacks and gas.
I think he was from Oregon and we had no idea what he was riding till we got there.
He was on a BMW1200GS------ a bike twice as heavy and with a motor 4 times bigger than me and dingweeds.
How would Steve fair on this ride ????

Me, Steve and Dr. Rock poked around on one of those paper map thingy's a bit.

Steves 1200GS in the center and Daves 800GS back farther on the trail

As I had been leading I had to go into another mode when Steve joined us-----as before I didn't have to wait at every turn as all riders had
the navigation and I would make sure and gather riders up after maybe 10 miles of riding in easy stuff----or sooner if it was technical hard riding.
Now I had to stop and wait at every single turn to make sure Steve was till on track as he didn't have the navigation at all.
Hey---I'm retired------no hurry.

This crossing here was easy-----but everyone wondered why I took the line Steve is taking thru the deeper water instead of the line to
the left in the shallow. See those conrete things ????? If you weren't careful your front wheel could get in between them in a deep rut
and that wouldn't be pretty.

A lot of the riding today was in the BigHorn National Forest and we got a hint of the turning Aspens.
Later it would get full on.

Each day we had no idea of where we'd end up-------but earlier saw Medicine Lodge Lake Campfround in the gps and maps and
hoped to find it and camp there-----------I was running way out front and found the campground and scoped out an extra big camp spot
and ran back out to the dirt road to bring everybody into the spot. We had the entire campground to ourselves.
And the best part-------we could legally have a campfire.

I had been very eager to demonstrate my new wood saw----the "Sven Saw".
Yeh----keep going Steve---your gettin' the hang of it.
"You have to cuss it Steve"------he says "I don't cuss"
I said---"you keep sawing and you'll be cussin' in no time".

Don't stop yet-----your gettin' the hang of it.

I think somebody said------"it's your saw---you use it"
Ok--get out of the way I'll show you how this works.
We had a hoot cuttin firewood and took turns with the saw.
Everyone was amazed how quick and easy it would cut thru an 8" log.

The sun went down as it always does--what a beautiful place.
The camping was posted free---as the season had ended for most folks.
One of my little secrets is too travel after it's cooled off for the summer.
Most people go hide in their houses and you've got the best places all to your self.

It got cool that night---but all was well with a wood campfire.
A little warmer than "Campfire Substitute".

Man---I'm gettin' tired of carrying this chair around.

Heck my dog has a better chair than I do------thinks he's the "BigDog"

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