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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
I had one of these as a parts bike,the 72 was kind of an awkward time for Yamaha. kind of a hopped up enduro but still with some MX parts. When the 73/74's came out the 72 was forgotten so hardly anybody races a 72 in vintage MX.
I bought a brand new 1972 DT2MX as a leftover in 73. I think hopped up enduro is a little unfair given the DT2MX was a pretty serious bike at the time as was the RT2 MX. I'm assuming the frame/swing arm may have been borrowed from the DT1 but the DT2MX was all business with the seat, pipe, tank, cylinder, pegs, shocks, etc being specific to that bike. My cousin had a 73 DT3MX and if anything it might have been a tad less nasty.

But 1973 was the (I think ) year the YZ was unleashed on the public which was a very hopped up DT2 and RT2 (MX) so one can make the claim that the DT/RT2 MX's were one of the stepping stones which led to the YZ. The rest is history. I think that is much more flattering than hopped up enduro's and given that Honda/Kaw weren't even quite yet in the mix in 1972 with MX specific models I think the DT2MX along with the TM250 Champions and TM400 Cyclones (talk about aptly named) played a very significant role in the development of production MX bikes.

The only other thing that comes to mind is that you can't talk about Yamaha's early MX efforts circa 1970-1973 without mentioning Don Jones because while the product was made in Japan they basically gave Don Jones enduro's and let him do all of the R&D which again led to the YZ which is STILL being made in 2013. The holy grail is the YZ360 which when the market was good a few years back were going for way over $5K with some unridden gems going in the $10K range. At least those were the asking prices..

Hey what about the Jammer riding #66 and Gary jones on 88 and DeWayne Jones being a holeshot king and Ake Jonnson putting Maico forks on his Yamaha and Jak Van Velthoven being really tall and Yamalube and...
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