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Originally Posted by vidd View Post
I am truly envious of your home baked barn door. much kudos. I would love to have one for my own.
Thank you, I'm quite pleased myself. Too bad i only got to use it one time. Now we got all this white stuff on the ground.
But i most certainly have toys for this kind of weather as well.

Originally Posted by TFB43 View Post
I think we need a how to on that! Good job!
Alright, really sorry i did'nt take pics along the way. Was'nt that hard actually. Took a couple of hours.

Started out with making a copy of the original screen, on paper. I just held the paper on the inside of the screen and drew around it with a pen.
Soon i got a pretty god copy of the original screen. I also made sure to draw a line where the sharp bends was, on each side of the screen. So i could paint the same line on the new Plexiglas.. (I dont know if it's called plexiglas in english, but i'll call it that any way. Hope you get the idea)

So now i have the paper piece, cut it out with whatever you have. Place the thing on your piece of plexi.
I then drew on the plexi with a whiteboard pen. Really easy to erase with your finger if you screw up.

So now that i had the outlines on the piece of plexi i could start experimenting with the new look.
Since i had my brothers R1200 GSA screen i used that as a reference.
Made my new screen a little bit smaller, lowered it a couple of centimeters and the same with the width.
Would be huge otherwise.

Now it's time for the jigsaw. We used a metal blade, on really slow speed, didnt want to crack the plexi.
To make sure the plexi would not melt when using the jigsaw we took the air compressor thingy, and blew air right at were we sawed. This worked great, didnt try without tough. So could work without it.

Now it was sauna time, we took the f8 sceen and the GSA screen with us into the sauna.
We were equipped with thick gloves and a towels.
I took the piece of plexi and held it above the warmer in the sauna, dont know the name. You get the picture.
Moved it around a bit, flipped it around warmed the other side and so on.
After maybe 60 seconds i felt it getting soft, we then moved fast and pressed it against the F8 screen, trying the get a good copy of it.
If you dont got 6 or 7 hands, you really need to be a couple of dudes doing this ( or girls).
So we all pressed at our each place. Making sure to hold it in place.
We placed the plexi on top of the F8 screen, or i can say we put the plexi on the front side of the screen.

We had to warm the thing a couple of times to get it right.
When we felt ready we then took the GSA screen and pressed the top of the plexi piece on it. Getting the upper top of the shape first, and working our way down.
Took a couple of turns warming it.

After a while in the sauna we felt ready. And it looked good!
Only thing left was drilling holes (carefully) and mounting the new screen!

Hope this was what you asked for. Otherwise, let me know.
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