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Love the crate! Is it yours? Of course, needless to say that the bike is awesome!

Originally Posted by GSPD750 View Post
I can now officially join in on this thread with the aquisition of a 1996 XL600v-T that I brought over from Germany last week. Yes, working for a major airline here in Canada has it's privlages. My Africa Twin now has a little sister.
A colleague in Frankfurt who works air cargo was also very instrumental in making this happen with transport of the bike in his van to pick it up from the seller 135 kms south of Frankfurt. This coworker also owns an Africa Twin.

After a whirlwind visit with 2 nights stay at a hotel near FRA I was on my way back to Calgary with the TA on the same Airbus A330 as me....and some German Xmas cakes and chocolates. I didn't forget the 1 liter bottle of Crown Royal either.
The bike I came home with was my first choice with 19,500 kms and in the end the seller held it for me which simplified things further with no need to look at a backup '95 TA 30 kms down the road. Another buying feature was that it was already lowered with a kit and custom dished out seat. Forks also lowered in the triple clamps. This will make it easy for my family members to ride once they've had a motorcycle course.

So...needless to say I'm stoked and I'm going to have fun with this bike. Did I mention it was clean? I don't think it's ever been through a mud puddle.

Dangerous goods have to be x-rayed.

I did it! It's in my garage. Of course after I paid taxes and a brokerage fee.

And clean it is...

I had to bring it to my buddys m'cycle shop for a required government inspection in order to get it registered....another fee.

Anyone care to comment on this suspension link. It was said by the previous owner that it lowered the bike 22 mm.
Also seen in the pic is the custom shorted sidestand which was fabricated with threaded ready rod and a jam nut. It was actually not a bad weld but the rod did not hold up for the flight over and was bent. Rod is removed in the pic. First repair/mod to do.

Soooo....I've got plenty of time this winter to dress the girl up. Probably start with tires as they are old and hard. I need some ideas for a luggage system. Not sure what yet. Centerstand would be nice...but damn she's pretty low already. I might be plowing the fields with it. Some heated grips and a tankbag might be on order too.

Any ideas...chime in please.
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