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Thanks guys. Here are a few more shots:

I've replaced the pipe shown above with one I designed and Jemco built. It pulls sooooo much better than the abortion above which came with the bike. I just finished dialing it in Monday at Talladega GP, which is why it is for sale: I love the bike, but I don't fit on it. I'm 6'-2", 210 lbs and 55 years old. This bike is small, and I'm inflexible. I have enjoyed building it and making it right and dialing it in. But, either it can sit in my shop as a collector's piece, or it can be used on the race track and bring a lot of fun and satisfaction to someone. Unfortunately, it won't be me - I had a helluva a time Monday with the laps I put on with my big, old and creaky ass. Admittedly, Talladega will work ya' - there is no chance to rest. But, I also ran my SV650 race bike and my brother's CBR600F4i, and neither folded me and forced me into the contortions required to operate a TZ250 sized machine.

In its current configuration, it has a stock SRX600 engine in it, with 34 mm Mikuni RS flat slides. It was those carbs which I wanted to get dialed in. They are half of a set of 4, and I needed to get the correct combination of needles and jets to match the SRX600. I finally found the correct combo Monday, and it pulls like a freight train, and carves like a scalpel - exactly what the Harris Bro's had in mind in the mid-90's.

It's a nice piece of kit, but she'll eventually be moving along.


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