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Originally Posted by SierraJeep View Post
While the sidestand (and center stand) trick works well, be very careful about NOT putting the rotor side down on the ground when you start - especially if you have a newer KTM with the free floating rotors. You can put the sprocket side down or even better pop the sproket off and put the hub on the ground. Cardboard or a shop towel can help keep it clean in the process (if you're trailside).

The video above is done correctly.

There is a 1 x1" block I use in the shop to rest the rim on (sidestand side) to get the hub up off the ground. (shown in video)

On the trail I'll look for a branch or dig a small ditch if need be. (to keep the rotor off the ground. Gotta do what can when on the side of the road.

If you looking for a cheap, strong drop cloth for the trails. You can wrap your tire irons in a USPS shipping bag. They are "Tyvek".

Strong, light weight, and Free.
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