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How much cornering grip I have on wet pavement with my dualsport tires is something that I don't have such a great feel for.

I have been a dirt rider since 1968 and am totally used to lack of grip and sliding. And also crashing. Crashing is par for the course in dirt riding, I've probably been down over 1,000 times. Push it 'til ya crash it, then don't push it quite so much next time lap.

But it's NOT considered normal in street riding to crash on "difficult' spots. Pavement grip is so much higher than dirt grip that many times even reduced pavement grip (like on wet roads) is much more than good grip on dry dirt. Kinda like how on dirt there isn't as much of a concern with highsides, you can routinely slide the rear and then straighten up and ride on.

I don't have all that much pavement seat time compared to some of you FFs, and I back off more than I really need to on wet roads. Compared to dirt the 'break' can be a lot more sudden. Wet asphalt has way more grip than typical woods dirt, and if ya let the bike roll over a wet manhole cover or even a wet slippery pavement marking, there is a much bigger sudden change in traction than going from, say a little muddy to a lot muddy in the dirt.

Okay, so I'm just rambling here, but bottom line having experience riding to and even past the limits of grip in one set of circumstances doesn't necessarily tell you how much grip you have in a different circumstance. Falling down on my dirtbike in wet grass isn't necessarily going to tell me how hard I can lean my big bike on asphalt.
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