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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
best of luck!

having lived a year in Mexico you'll find most of the travelers are Canadians and Euros. then when you add in the Americans in Mexico to this group, most all will say i'm not scared of being in Mexico...being scared is for those back in the US sitting around watching the news. the feeling is I'm living my life to the fullest here while those Americans are just hiding under rocks afraid to leave the house.

p.s. nice DR setup!!! here's mine.
this picture was taken in Guanajuato. a must see IMO. considered the most beautiful city in the americas.

Our DR's are nearly identical twins. A question for you...I'm sporadically having trouble starting the bike, even when it's warm. When it starts without a problem, it starts instantly. Typically, it eventually starts when I hold the throttle 1/2 to wide open...and for a moment, there's some black smoke from the exhaust. Yesterday, when it wasn't starting, I partially opened and immediately closed the choke...and it started (the engine was still pretty warm). BTW, it's getting the same mileage as a KLR I'm traveling with. So, what's you're best guess on the cause of the problem?

Thanks for the heads up on's marked on my map as a "must see"! And BTW, I like your attitude!
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