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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
Rev. #4 of the BMW manual (they are now up to at least rev. #6 but I don't have it... )
calls for locktite #243 on the front sprocket bolt, with torque of 50Nm

So does my rev 6???

Emmbeedee, I am not offended nor am trying to offend. All trades have shoddy workers so that is a possibility as well. My point was that ALL your nuts and bolts should be checked at least once a year or more if required. We don't have the safety factor a car does. If there was loctite on the bolt, and torqued correctly to 50 NM, the loctite would require what, maybe 100 NM of force to break? Therefore checking a tight, loctited bolt would not cause it to move unless it was already loose. The copper you see on the sprocket is copper anti-seize. The reason your sprocket was able to be removed after 40k kms, not rusted on solid.

The Bulletin on the chain recall was very specific. Both sprockets and chain, lower shock bolt, rear sprocket bolts and swing arm nut were all replaced. BMW doesn't re-use mechanically locking fasteners (or micro encapsulated) on critical components. The lock washer on the front sprocket bolt IS re-used and the bolt isn't loc-tited. The bolt is anti-seized tho, despite what the maintenance CD's say. I can't explain it. I do know that some front bolts and sprockets could not be removed due to rust. Heating the shaft destroys the seals etc so better it be anti-seized with a tq check now and then. One of the failings of BMW is their paperwork and manuals. Sometimes a person would give up trying to correct conflicting information or just simply find a spec.

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