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I had forgotten all about this thread until just now... Hmmmm...

Whether or not it ever runs wasn't my original point way back when in this thread. My original point was, that in my opinion, a smart guy would address the mechanicals first, and then, once that was all sorted, move on to the cosmetics. Instead, he chose to invest a ton of time, money, and energy in making a very cool looking piece of garage art, and THEN trying to get it running. Then of course there was the smart ass attitude that he's copped with most people in this thread. I mean, I can run out in the garage, start any of my bikes, take a quick video clip on my phone and post it here quicker than I can type this post. Why is it that a guy that can rebuild a burned out heap into a very nice looking bike, can't manage to do that in over 4 months???? I mean, from what I read in this thread, I understood that he had it running back in August, but was just too busy with school... I still smell

I really hate to say, because I'm a generally nice guy, and I'd hate to see anyone fail after putting this much work into a project, but with his juvenile attitude and the rude comments he's made to members that asked legitimate questions and or made suggestions, I almost hope... Well, I won't go there... Still waiting....
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