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Originally Posted by Dan Alexander View Post
So here's the clutch plate resurfaced with new friction material and the other parts milled flat and bead blasted which all cleaned up nicely. $90 which I think is pretty reasonable as BMW wants $800CDN for a new set.

I'm trying to find the bolt tightening specs but I'm coming up empty, does anyone have the torque vales handy??

Uh-oh...the clutch indexing marks are all whaddya gonna do?

This from my 2001 GS REPROM;

Clutch to crankshaft hub, lightly oiled screws (new screws), 40Nm initial, 32 degrees rotation.

Housing cover to flywheel, 12Nm.

A little dab of moly fortified grease where the spring contacts the pressure plate and housing.

Keep us informed about the performance of the new clutch...that's quite a savings.

Did they perhaps also balance the whole assembly?
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