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I just cleaned mine as good as I could
with some simple green and qtips,
changed the oil and ran it.
What eventually killed it,
And I did kill it,
Was a po who must have broke it open.
I was riding pretty hard one day
And the rear locked up.
It just ate itself.

These things need to be shimmed
in a dozen directions at the same time,
well maybe like 3 or something.
Someone shimmed mine up bad.

I lubed mine,
especially the driveshaft splines.
Must of lubed the wheel splines too,
I can't see any harm in doing it anyway.
Just a little dab'll do ya.

Look up charley cole of zydeco racing.
He's like the only guy in the world with the rig to true one,
And he's on Long Island.
He set me up with a new unit
That ran real nice.

So yeah, wipe its ass and see If it's notchy.
Or send it to charley if you want it top shelf.
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