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I placed a $1000 order with Off-The-Road in Germany a while back... Here's some details...

SW center-stand:
2.8kg (including bolts & springs)
Very solid, no complaints...

SW crash bars:
5.5kg (including bolts) (you save close to 0.5kg when you remove the standard tank mounting bolts)

There's no shortage of pics around for these, so I'll just add a couple of pics of the top mounting points:

OTR Luggage racks:
4kg (including bolts)
Distance between sides: 390mm.... There's about 10mm clearance between the mufflers and the rack and top mount...

Very solid, a lot better than I expected...

Pics of the mounting points:

OTR Pannier mounting kit: (to suit the above rack)
3.3kg all up (2x top mounts=1.25kg, 4x lower mounts= 0.44kg, 2x backing plates=1kg, pins=0.4kg, screws=0.2kg)

Pretty good for the money IMO (if you want to use hard cases)... The mounting pins are designed to be used with the OTR cases/locks, which lock the pins so the cases cant be removed... I'll modify them to suit my pelican copies...

Being a cheapskate I got the OTR $82aus tall screen to try, rather than a better local one... I don't like it at all.... I'm 6'1, the wind off the top hits me right in the eyes, if I was slightly shorter it would be ok... It's better than the standard screen on the HWY with the visor down, but most my riding is offroad with the visor up, so it's annoying having the wind catch under the visor... Also, In the rough stuff the top of the screen gets too close to my face, I think if I carry on using it I'll smack my face into it eventually... It also hinders my view of the track, especially on rough uphill sections when I'm trying to pick my way through trenches and rocks... .... I expected all this, which is why I went for the cheapie ... I'll just cut down the standard screen now

The above prices don't include shipping, I ordered 23kg of crap so the shipping ended up costing me $110aus, expensive, but the savings made it worth it IMO... Other crap I got was a couple of 14-tooth sprockets, cush rubbers, clutch cable, oil filters, spare chain slider, spare screen screws, tyre levers...

More pics:

A couple of other bits....

An engine mount bolt! I strongly advise people to pull all their suspension and engine bolts and slather them in grease, copper-cote, or similar:

Think I got this idea from somewhere in this thread, switch and cig-lighter socket mounted in the side of the dash:

Brake Pads:
With 5000km on the bike the standard Brembo rear brake pads were shagged, the local Yamaha shop wanted $50 , so I got a couple of cheap sets off ebay, hoping they'll last longer....

$19 (inc del) Kyoto ones from the UK:

$16 (free del) Motor-Tech ones from China, (seems they're charging $10 for delivery now)

I've got the Chinese Motor-Tech ones on at the moment, they're VERY grabby, it doesn't take much pressure on the peddle to lock the back wheel, hopefully they'll get better with time....

I didn't take any specific pics of the screen, so these will have to do:

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