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Originally Posted by cdwise View Post
That doesn't match with what I've seen or experienced with either the BV 500s or GTS 250.
Well, CD, that's good, that's you. I am not surprised that our experiences don't match. My take is based on my ownership and use of the GTS 250ie. Some people shared my experiences of it, others did not.

The GT series scoots have experienced headshake, not in all specimens, but in enough to cause wide remark. Ordinary fixes for such a thing, in weights, tire changes, headstock adjustment, have not consistently fixed it. It's enough of a question for me to wonder about the bike geometry itself.

The seating for pillions is an Abu Ghraib Stress Position. I was not wild about the rider's seat shape, either; not the groin-splitter/Prostate Exam divide shape, or the slope. For me, these problems emerged in extended day trip riding after weeks of around town.

As to Vespa vs Honda vs everybody else's sales in Italy, Europe, wherever, bully to Piaggio's rebound after eating it - and for no short time - upon the release of the SHi bikes. That was about the same time that the GTS 300 scoots came out to a chorus of complaints about inadequate bodywork primer and the formation of rust on brand new units, since sorted at the plant.

As for my experience of the BV500 that I tested for an afternoon, the seat was indeed way better. It was the bike's performance in crowded local streets that I did not care for, though I am sure it would more than satisfy on the slab. It just seemed - to me - like a scooter-shaped thing with a case of Gigantism. Again, that is a personal take. Others will see and feel it their way.

This is my experience of the scooters to hand. Many will not agree. The opinions and perceptions of all are valid - for each. The GTS was a bike I truly expected to love. I did not. Cachet, style, even many admirable elements of performance were not enough. For me. And that's why I sold it.
And here endeth my threadjack.

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