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Originally Posted by Pucker View Post
I'm not near Tucson, but I can speak for the Rotopax products. I did a lot of research before buying, and they have a far superior reputation than anything else for good reason. They're larger than you'd expect for a 1-gallon jug, because they're heavily reinforced and have surprisingly thick walls. I have one on each side of my bike, mounted to Wolfman luggage racks, and they're tougher than you'll ever need them to be.

My XR650L weighs 350lbs, and I lay it down in dirt, sand, and rocks regularly. The Rotopax are always the first thing to touch the ground and they are nearly bullet proof. I even had a high speed get-off last year through rocks & trees that left me with a broken femur. The luggage racks and the subframe were bent so badly the tire would no longer clear, but the Rotopax didn't budge or spill a drop.

You can also use them to drive tent stakes into the ground or smack some sense into a charging rhinoceros. I understand you want to see & hold them first, but I promise you can buy them sight unseen and end up happy.

My $.02
Well - talk about a glowing review! I'm sold.

Would they work on a charging water buffalo?
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