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Originally Posted by MikeO View Post

I can clearly see the red fuel line disconnected and the electrical connection for the injector seems to have come off.
When the disconnect popped apart, it looks like the male half of the disconnect fell and landed against something, wedging the spring-loaded plunger open. That plunger is part of the no-drip sealing mechanism. If you've ever had gas squirt in your eye from that plunger knocking against something you know what I'm talking about.

Originally Posted by MikeO View Post

I canít discount somebody tampering with the bike Ė it was under a carport in front of the hotel and there were a load of drunken footballers (youngsters) staying the night before. But it started and ran fine for half a klick or so, before the misfire started.
Jut for information, the red-colored disconnect is the return line. The yellow-colored disconnect is the pressure line. The forward-most hose fitting on the fuel tank access panel bulkhead is the pressure output.

I'm thinking tampering as well. Someone clicked the release button on the disconnect, and the release lever on the injector connector. One produced the fuel, the other the misfire and possibly the spark.

Regardless the cause, the situation sucks. Did you get that nice new bike out of the deal?


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