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Here's my exhaust now:

sorry for the low-light, poor fixtures in the garage:

I'd like to get it further up out ofthe way, maybe another 5* angle or so. One problem I have with it that's more pressing is that it's too close to the footpeg, so my heal ends up resting on the muffler when the ball of my foot is on the peg. I'll ride for a while before i notice my foot feels like it's on fire!

Also, STREGA. I saw your post a while ago about the footpegs you got from ZipTy racing. Did you come up with a solution to the width issue? I measured my pegs and noticed they're 1.5" as well and I need something bigger. Those zip ty extensions for $85 are awesome, but only if they fit!

To anyone familiar with these bikes, aside from changing all the fluids are there problem areas that need to be addressed before riding too extensively? Obviously, it's an awesome bike so I couldn't help myself:

It's really pretty until you realize most of that haze is smog. But hey, at least it's sunny!
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