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Originally Posted by jehu View Post
There are many. You gotta search for them. There's a real nice XR650R that has been cafed.

Two versions of me and the C&J XL440 by AZjohnny, on Flickr
cheers for the link i had been searching for 600 (lots more results for the 650) "its all in the wording)

an i quite like your bike handlebars a tad low for me would kill my back (i intend on cheating by dropping the forks in the t's and running the clip ons above the fork t rather than under wont look quite as cool but will be a more comfortabe possi.

main point of thread was to see some of this thread users bike like yourself and see what u guys started with wat parts u bought/made and how it all ended up if anyone know of any build threads id love a link i did a search on here but found nothing. there is some cool stuff on rolland sands websight/ebay channel he done a KTM and a CR500 also pretty cool
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