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Hi all, just did an oil change, filter and screen clean. My manual does not give intervals, just says service at 1,000ks, 5,000ks, 10,000ks etc. Questions - do You do the screen behind the clutch cover every 5,000ks, sooner than that or do You skip it for longer? What oil do You use and how much $ and where are You getting oil filters??. thanks in advance Beetle.
If you look at the OIC again you'll see it says 1K or 600 miles on the first change. I did mine at 250 miles. Then it shows replace oil and filter at 5K km, or 3000 mile intervals. I do mine at about 2000 with Amsoil synthetic after it had about 12-1400 miles on it. Filter from the dealer, or you can get a Hiflo, but get the right one, we've covered that in depth on They run about $5.
If you need a shop manual let us know, they are free for download...30mb PDF.
Amsoil at dealer cost if you want it. Other oils are fine as well, I just prefer the full syn they have, good price too.

EDIT: On the clutch-side screen, I checked it at a couple of thousand and it was clean so probably wait 'till about 5or 6 to check it again.
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