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That thing looks like it was in a mileage test where it just sat on rollers and spun the wheels! I would pull the rubber plug on the throttle side of the engine cases and check the inside of the clutch area. If it is a clean on the inside as it is on the outside.... A little rust is not unusual. Then I'd put it on the center stand and check the final drive for any play in any direction. Be sure to check for any play in the front suspension, ie: worn bushings. Pull, poke and prod all of the usual places. Be sure to check the log book for when the last spline lube was done and what condition the clutch is in. I'd be surprised if it has the original clutch slave cylinder. If it does, I'd replace it now. See how it rides. It won't be the fastest thing you've probably ever rode, and it will feel like a tractor in some ways, but that's normal. Then the negotiations would begin. I'd buy that bike in a heartbeat for 3-4K. My 02 has 53K on it and isn't in that pretty of condition. (of course I ride off road, that's what the dang thing is for; going anywhere).Good luck and if you get it, Have Fun and Let the Farkeling Begin!
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