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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post

The bolt holding in the front sprocket was to be anti-seized?

In Rev #4 of manual it says the rear sprocket NUTS that could not be re-used, but did not mention that the bolts were single-use ... implying that re-using the bolts was OK. I realize it is a TTA fastener so .... yeah I'm confused as usual
Ok, let's see here. All the bolt on the front sprocket does is to stop the sprocket from falling off. The splines transfer the torque. A circlip would probably work as well. Sure we could get all engineery about it but that's the basic function. Leave the bolt out and limp home. Probably why it wasn't replaced like the rest.

BMW went sledge hammer to kill the fly that was the breaking chain. You can re-use the rear sprocket bolts if you inspect them first. Replacing the lock nut is probably a Lawyer/marketing tactic. You buy new parts, BMW makes a profit and pays less insurance. In reality, if the nut cannot be installed by hand, then it has sufficient locking ability to be re-used. This hardware set up is under shear force and in a failure situation, could result in wheel lockup. Imagine if the swingarm nut fell off and the bolt worked it's way out. The lower shock bolt..... The upper shock bolt uses a curve design to prevent it from coming out.

There are two types of maintenance. Breakdown maintenance and preventative maintenance. The difference is location. One you do on the side of the highway at night in the rain (Murphy), one you do in your garage with a radio and a few beer on the weekend. To each his own. I'll continue to anti-seize my bolt and spend 30 seconds twice a year to check torque it rather than lock the shit out of it and hope I sell the bike before I need to remove it.

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