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Looks good to me

It looks like all the parts are there. I'd restore it to as close to original as possible. If your were missing a bunch of pieces the hours of ebay searching for parts would make think otherwise, but it looks good.

You probably already know, but make sure the oil injection is working right and resist the temptation to go premix because it is easy. Old Suzuki like the GT185, and GT380 used an oiling system that was way ahead of their time. The crank bearings were lubed by the autotlube system. I think the TS185 was similar so it is worth it to make sure the autolube works right.

There was a thread over on the HUBB from a New Zealand couple who had decided on TS185 ER for their around the world bikes. I'm not sure if they are still out there somewhere leaving a thin trail of blue smoke.

So perhaps ride it to Siberia and China after the restoration?
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