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Great Info

Man do I ever wish I had checked with you guys before I moved to Kingman. What a shit hole this has turned out to be. With the prison in Golden Valley I'm convinced that a good part of the population of Kingman and the surrounding area are here because the have family living at the expense of the state. Ever get an email with pictures of pajama people and freaks at Walmart....those pictures are taken on Stockton Hill Rd here in Kingman.

The whole of the US 93 and US 95 corridors offers no decent place to live. The river is Kalifornicated so badly by retired aerospace jet boaters that you would think you're in southern california. Had I done a proper due dilligence I would be in Prescott, or at least in the general area of Prescott. Draw a circle say 25 miles around Prescott and start looking.

One thing you want to look for in Arizona is public in Kingman we don't have many sidewalks or street lights and have 28,000 people dumping their sewage in the ground and, we get our water from local wells. I don't even want to know about the chemistry of our water....I drink water I buy at safeway. Of course we pay taxes that are so low that you will feel like you are stealing from the government.....which by the way is not a bad feeling.

I could go on and on, but until the real estate market turns around we are stuck in this shit hole.

The up side, is Arizona has good riding weather pretty much year round. A little hot in the summer but if you stay away from the river and head for the high country it's not bad at all.....and stay out of the high country in the winter.

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