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Welcome n00b.

There's tons of stuff here you can read up on. Sounds like the kijiji bike north of Toronto. Seems like a good deal.

Everyone will tell you something different and in a flash will turn into a suspension upgrade fest or it's crap because......

My 09 has been fantastic, 45k kms now. If it's a one owner with all the history then great. Look for a cracked fuel tank (see threads) and a valve cover oil leak (old type gasket). Get these all fixed under warranty and check all recalls have been done. Steering bearings have been an issue on some but again, warranty. Rims bend easy so check them. Not warranty but they bend back easy too.

If you do buy it then you'll have a winter's worth of reading here.


Thanks Reaver - appreciate it

Right proximity..

I'll get done under warranty where needed.. are fuel tank, valve cover leak and steering bearings all normally covered under the warranty with or without a little bitching?

Id be the 3rd owner at 19K so a little concerned about that - but was resold at BMW and apparently all paperwork supposedly in hand. Ill prob test drive and then stop in at dealer with vin to get service history confirmed.

Bent rim(s) other than obvious visual would vibrate on test drive I assume? - Apparently it hasn't been off road at all.

Anything else I should look for?
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