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Originally Posted by danedg View Post
So I pulled off this greasy bitch to day.
The drive came off the shaft housing and there was 90wt that dribbled out. Not much and clean. Splines looked great and the whole thing spun smooth and tight.
I'm parts cleansing now.
Should there be lube in the drive shaft area? I somehow had the impression that the drive shaft assembly was "dry", unlike the BMW assembly. Or is this a seal issue. I'm going to replace seals, but hope to NOT crack the assembly open.
And what's that little finned reservoir doing under the unit? I can't find it listed in the tavola ....
What should I be checking for?

As mtiberio says, no seals on the pinion shaft. Gear oil finds it's way up past them to (hopefully) lube the spliny bits. Still a good idea to grease the splines liberally during assembly and once in a while afterwards.

Bloodweiser has given you some very good advice. Charley Cole will reshim and reseal the rear drive, thus ensuring that it won't leak and will live a long life. Not at all expensive for what you get (piece of mind).

The "little finned reservoir" is a sump of sorts, #37 in the drawing above.
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