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Well I guess I will go ahead and post up my report.

The day before the race we left Ensenada after the not so great dinner at the Brazilian steak house place. Got to the beach house in San Felipe, late, sometime around midnight. We waited for Chris and his parents the next morning. We had planned to caravan down to San Ignacio, where Chris was to pick up the bike.

Chris’s mom had a nice 2wd tahoe. About the time we made it to Gonzaga I could tell she was not very happy. Around Coco’s it was very obvious she was not happy at all. It took a little longer to do the dirt section than we planned, so we ended up splitting up in Guerrero Negro. We pushed on not much further to Vizcaino.

Made it to Insurgentes the next morning, it was here that we spent what felt like a week that day, waiting on the bike. We had figured the bike would make to rm 898 30 hours after the start, which would be roughly 13:00. (bike got there 17:30)

Here is some pics of the pit area.

It took a little longer than we planned as things tend to do in baja. Allan had three flats ( I still am waiting to hear Allan's story) and Chris had the light come loose. Chris rode most of the way from Loreto to Insurgentes with one hand on the light. He had one big getoff at the beginning of his stage. It was so big it popped the bladder in his camelback. So he rode his section 200+ miles with no water and the last 50 holding his light. Guy is an animal. Here he is slamming a beer while we were getting the light squared away.

A little before the our bike came in one of the Japanese riders came in. Turns out I would run into him again. Here is Tatsuya when he first got of the bike.

He was a pretty funny guy. Here is a pic of him and Wayne, the speed energy drink sure perked him up.

A half hour later Chris comes into the pit. The light has come loose and we start working on it.

I used a bike axle to hold the light on and the bolt pulled the threads out and the nut fell off. One of the baja pits guys found some nuts and crossthreaded them on so they would not fall off. Crossthreading is better than loctite. With the light secure I took off, the thing worked awesome all the way to the finish.

Here is me leaving.

My section was 120 miles of whoops. I did not get to prerun it and was a little nervous about that. It was rough but, went well. About 20 miles in I ran into Tatsuya. I had decided that I needed to stop and do something about my fogging glasses. I had ridden the last 5 miles and couldn't see shit. I got off the course and proceeded to clean my glasses and goggles. As I was cleaning them a suzuki stopped and the rider asked "OK"? I replied OK and gave him the thumbs up. This went back and forth a few times he would say ok and then I would repeat it. It felt like an abbot and costello skit. He finally took off and I followed.

I caught up to him pretty quickly. As my light started to light up the course he sped up. His light kinda sucked so I am sure he appreciated the additional light. We were moving pretty good until we came to a pretty sharp left hand turn. I was riding just to his left at about his rear wheel. He lost it in the turn and fell into my path, luckily I did not hit him and got the bike shut down. You could tell he was pretty tired and was having trouble picking his bike up. I walked over to him and picked his bike up for him. This happened a few times. The last crash of his that I saw was in a silt bed. We were moving pretty good. I had found a line off to his left about 15' from him I look over just in time to see him cartwheel into the silt. It threw a dust cloud about 20 feet into the air. I am a little ashamed to admit I did giggle a bit when it happened, it was an awesome crash.

I pulled off the course and started to walk back to him. It was here that I realized I had no flashlight out and it was dark. I had walked about 10 feet from the bike. I turned around and lost the bike. I started walking around like a blind man and luckily ran into the bike. About this time Tatsuya got his bike going and we started again.

I decided I needed to get going and waved to my new friend while saying sayonara. I got into a groove and started pushing myself. I managed to keep the bike upright the rest of the way. ( I was talking to a friend of mine after the race that had run the same section much earlier. I was proud of my 4 hour time, he did it in 2 . Said he had to turn off the light on his gps when he saw 98 in the whoops.)

Here is a vid of me coming into the pit. A little bit of language in there somewhere.

I guess that is it. My section was pretty uneventful and I actually had a great time running it.

Scott took the bike the rest of the way to the finish. He had a few diggers but brought her home. Tatsuya made it in an hour after we did. We ran into him in Santa rosalia. I took him over to elvis and turned on the light. He recognized the light and started smiling and making motions of picking a bike up. He then showed me his finishers pin and gave me a sticker.

I had a great time and wish I was back in baja now.

Thanks for reading


Oh yeah I forgot to ad that I tried to sleep at the pits but the circus music and the TTs kept me awake most of the night. I also forgot to mention that I almost ran over a badger too.
An Elefant never forgets.

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