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The last day of our little trip to the coast is here. It's been 8 good days. Looking a bit rainy but I guess that's the odds since we have seen very little. We roll out of the nice town of Newberry and head generally north with a brief run on I-26 then off on US 9 north through Mill Spring NC and on toward Black Mountain NC.

Home looms in yonder distance

I hope this little guy was not abandoned! He wanted to go with us so bad.....

The golden rods are in full color now and the Joe-Pye is 10 feet tall..

We approach a favorite ride location for cruiser bikes.

The lake is nice today even though its a damp day.

I wait patiently as mtngal gets a few nice shots from the last day

What's that pretty girl doin' with a sasquatch??? Definitely a happy couple!

Rolling on toward Black Mountain we pass through Chimney Rock.

Now we are back on the sucky crooked roads! At least nobody can tell how poor I am at riding a straight line.

Lets roll.......

dang it never ends..........

We had planned to get lunch at a great sandwich shop but....

No water????!!!!

Well, too bad...guess it's on to pizza in Black Mountain.

Ain't no straight roads around here!

Pizza order is in!!!

It's looking wet and stormy

They are moving us inside cause the umbrella can't handle this...

Just like our whole trip, everything has just worked out perfect. Some good left-over pizza and since it's time to roll, the sun is back out for!

A shot of the depot as our BMW train leaves town....

A brief run on Aye-fourdy...

Patton Ave. in Asheville as usual a mess as we try to get on 63 north.

Back to Madison er' Bloody Madison as some say.... ( it ain't really...just a lot of nice folks like us )

Ah... home at last........


Ugly place ain't it?

Wet again but we don't care as we are close to home...

Darn these roads!

Getting tired of seeing these roads yet?

Oh just one more....

The top!! Now we get to do the same back-down....

Ok...I'll spare you the bottomed out at Trust....only one more mountain to cross then up on the next one

In the driveway....

Oh no! We are being attacked...or...Murphy wants to checkout all the smells on our pants

Somebody is happy to see us home!!!

Thanks for following us along. Your comments are welcome and hope you enjoyed our trip. It is now early December and we have a few more little one day rides to post up. Also, the wonderful GS you saw us riding has been traded off for a demo new GS Adventure which is working out just great so far. We have more range with the extra fuel, some lower low gears for the hills and larger cases so we are looking forward to a good trip in the Spring. Til next time...oh...Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or whatever you celebrate just do it!

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