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Some Q's on DSing & offroading

Pulling my arse out of the jungles of Thailand to came back to So-Cal for a few months. I sold my KTM 525 in Thailand and coming back to the states for a new bike. I'll be looking to hook up with like minded peeps for some fun offroading and DS (emphasis on dirt) rides during my time home if anyone is interested. I'll be back in LA in February and hang my hat for a few months. So willing to ride areas with anyone interested that are within a few hour drive; Northern deserts, Kennedy meadows, death valley, usual so-cal deserts, and down to Ocitillo and San Diego

I'll be trading in carrying bikes through naval deep rivers

rice paddies

and mud

All for a shot at 6th gear sand washes, dust, rocks, terrain I can get my bike into the upper gears, and..............................3 foot deep whoops. My quads are already locking up with the thought of 8 miles of 3 foot sand whoops through Lucerne.

Question: Are there any worthwhile DS rides (that require camping stuff) planned during those months (FEB - JUNE) that would necessitate me bringing my GL Coyote bag? It takes a lot of space in my luggage and when returning back to Thailand I need all the space I can get to smuggle back in all my needed bike parts. Whats on the calendar for these months in terms of rides? Really wish I was here for the Kings of the West as that sounds a hoot. Maybe next time my timing will be a bit better.

My schedule is pretty wide open so am free to head off during the week if there are people that can get away midweek? Anybody doing that? I enjoy all types of riding and will be desperate for riding as my arm is currently in six pieces. So anything from fire road DS rides, day rides, weekend riding in the deserts, wasting a day trying to push new trails through, exploring, etc.. Hell anything that involves me on a bike will most likely interest me so puhleeeze post up with anything you think will be of interest, introduce yourself, beg for pics of scantily clad ladies, etc.

What GPS maps are people using for getting around both city and off road stuff?

Also in need of a cheap vehicle to haul my bike so if you have any in mind let me know. Van, truck, car w/bumper hitch etc. Need not be pretty but reliable enough to get me to to the deserts and back.

What are the rangers like when it comes to smog equipment? If I yank off the Auxiliary air intake and fuel catch can (yes I know its not legal) have the local rangers (Gorman, Kennedy Meadows, etc.) been catching people doing this?

Thanks all in advance and looking forward to riding with you once I land.
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