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The next morning Jon and I were determined to get a nice and early 6am kick stand up start. We woke up at 4:30am to get ready and load the roll charts, and then grab a bite to eat. Well 6am kick stand up turned to 6:20am by the time we hit the start....we were finishing up a nice Denny's Santa Fe Skillet breakfast for the warned long push to the lunch stop at Sandy Valley.

A beautiful morning for a ride.

One of the cool grabs of myself, taken by Grumpy! (

Dust EVERYWHERE! :twisted:

The infamous power line roads of the desert.

Another run in with BigTodd, this time with a flat. Jon looks on while Todd assures us his repair is under control.

One of only two shots of Jon and I together.

These power line roads were a HUGE relief from the sand washes we kept on fighting.

Another self portrait.

We made our way back north to cross I40 and were advised to jump on the ADV route after the gas stop in Ludlow, so that we could have a chance at making it to Sandy Valley in time for the cut off. We made it just after one to Sandy Valley, but did not stop for lunch...only gas and a desire to push towards the lunch stop.

We then came across BigTodd and jnyrav.

Finally, some not deep sand!

We all met again at a small pavement section before Sandy Valley. At this point most of us were ready to throw in the towel. I was beat from all the deep sand and lack of lunch (snacking is just not enough for me). BigTodd was worn out and his bike was held together with duct tape. Jnyrav was feeling beat too. Part of the reason for slabbing was to ensure our fatigue did not get us into a potentially serious crash. Jkstehn seemed to be the only who who didn't mind the abuse! :lol:

From here we all slabbed it into Vegas via I15. BigTodd in dispair again at a gas stop in Primm.

We finally made it to the Orleans!

Sunday morning I wanted to ride the dirt back with jongil and jkstehn, but decided I should get back to LA quickly since I had a huge work project waiting for me the next day. I15 was already full of fast cars at 7am around State Line, so I detoured south through Mojave Preserve. A quick stop for some nature calls and Joshua Tree's...if only I had time to explore this stuff!

Kelso Dunes.

By the time I hit Cajon Pass I was sick of the freeway, so I decided to take Angeles Crest the rest of the way. I stopped at Newcombs for lunch and was surprised to see it pretty full, though it was a nice day. I even ran into some fellow ADV inmates who rode Day 1 so we chatted about the ride for a bit.

All in all, a great ride. I would love to do it again and finish on all dirt. Now I know that it really does require not stopping for anything, as all stopped time adds up. The only thing that would make me think twice about not doing this again is sucking all that dust!
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