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Originally Posted by TAMPAJIM View Post
From past experience I would judge you are going to need a brace for that screen. I got one of the original Cee Bailey 20" screens and even though it was made of pretty thick acrylic, it shook like a wet noodle. (got to be hard on the attachment points !) About 6 months later, CB came out with a brace for it that was very similar to the BMW offering.

Both cost too much money so I didn't get one.

I didn't care for the CB ( shaking and vacuum problems) so I went with Madstad and was happy ever after.
I have taken a brace in consideration. Wouldnt be to hard for me making one.

But when i tried the screen out i did around 130 kph, the screen shook a little bit, but it wasnt that bad. Since i seldom run that fast i think it will be ok.
If the shaking gets worse ill make a brace.
The plexi i used is 4 mm thick.
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