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Originally Posted by rmhrc628 View Post
Fucking tapatalk plus 3-4 asahis!!!!

Anyway Troy my post was 3 questions for the GU RU:

1. What will HRC do?

2. What should HRC do?

3. How much would it take to defect marco over from ktm?
$1m, $3m or north of $10m? Why have all this commitment and not go full alien status? What's to lose? $30m if the japs fold up their cards in light of pretty tough circumstances?

Imagine the momentum coma would generate ? It would be full blood rallye racing. Suddenly we'd have 2 titans fighting each other v helping each other. It would be 14 days of rallye war!
Hey guys let's not discount Helder, I know where his sights lay this year and it's not making up the numbers !

Go Helder
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