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Originally Posted by too old View Post
Hey guys let's not discount Helder, I know where his sights lay this year and it's not making up the numbers !

Go Helder

My musings as to possible replacements, were with regards to securing competent "second tier" riders with which to replace the fallen team members of Sam and Felipe for Dakar in january... not contract negotiations to additonal "factory guns" for the future.

Given that Helder is the teams "spearhead" rider (based on past form, results) and with Sam and Zanol out of action, logically (based on prior team hierachy/current form/previous results/resumé), one would assume that this would bump Pizzolito and JC up from the (previous) #4 and #5 spots on the roster... to team pos. #2 and #3.

Question: bring in (one - or two) mercinaries from the Honda global fold, to pick up the #4 (and #5 ?) spots... or just cut the losses and go with the three remaining; of the original five?

As I said in previous post... statistically speaking; that is 40% less rider firepower/backup out on the course than originally planned for... Conversely, it means that the logistical resources already allocated (personel/mechanics etc.) can now be focussed on the job of getting three riders through the race instead of five (that's 33.3% input per entry as opposed as 20% per entry originally), which on paper maybe sounds good...

But as someone else pointed out once... sometimes too many cooks in the kitchen can fcuk up the recipe?
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