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Originally Posted by Flood View Post
1. The most important thing is that Zanol will get better. Fingers crossed, good thoughts and F5 slow claps heading his way.

2. Buying Coma or Despres is a no go, and I don't think HRC even really tried. They have career long commitments and deep personal connections with their handlers and mechanics. They won't leave big O at the end of their career to fix a new program that might take 3-4 years to produce a Dakar winner. They have a better chance of winning another title in '13 and/or '14 and then retire.

3. HRC has a strategic problem now. If you look at the Rally Maroc stage listings, Sam and Felipe were the fast guys who could build up pressure and render quick assistance when necessary. Pizzolito and JC were way back most of the time, bringing up the rear.

Helder is a semi-alien, but without great backup, he's back to where he was on his Yamaha.
Tapatalk god willing;)

HRC doesn't have a strategic problem - they have a nightmare scenario of effectively a 5 man team now really 1 man. As much as I love JC he's first to admit he's no alien. There is now far less 'pressure dispersement' and as such more stress on helder. Effectively there is a 66.66% reduction in the team of elite HRC riders. That calls for drastic measures.

Economics always comes into it. Long term anyway. If I were HRC given how late it is in the game, I'd throw a bait to coma - see he if bites. LOTS to lose not much to gain. Give him $5m january money. Then come February HRC will have a dakar win or mondo experience.

Btw does ANYONE actually know wtf happened to Sam and zanol ?

Troy I would still like to hear your answers though. :)
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