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translated: temperature to amp hour relationship remains at 90% down to 0 C (32f)
but then drops rapidly to about 75% at -10C (-14f)

most folks don't ride below 32f, but some Adv riders do.
Adv bikes have some of the most demanding starting requirements.

LiFePO4battery performances testing and analyzing for BMS

The relationship between battery capacity and temperature
The lower temperature the less available capacity, but when the temperature is
more than 15 C, the available capacity is essentially the same. At 15C the
available capacity is 98% of that at 25C. The capacity remain 90% at 0C. The
capacity remain 74.5% (cut off voltage 2.5V) and 87% (cut off voltage 2.0V) at -
10C . The capacity remain 56% (cut off voltage 2.5V) and 72% (cut off voltage
2.0V) at -20C .

Analyzing:The lower temperature, the higher resistance of the battery (reference
to the slide in resistance analyzing ) , so that in the same cut off voltage, the lower
available capacity.

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