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Originally Posted by a1fa View Post
What's a fair price on 1993 DR350 with 6000 miles?
What's a good quiet exhaust for DR350?
Autodecompression mod?
A fair price really depends on where you are located and what mods have already been done. I'd say a reasonable range would be anywhere from $1000 - $1500, some more if suspension or other highly desirable upgrades.

A good quiet exhaust is the original muffler. I love 'em.

I own a 1993 DR350 (dirt) and it has manual decompression. It is not difficult to use and I would never think of modifying it for auto decompression. On models that came with auto decompression, I doubt I would go to the trouble of modifying it for manual decompression.

After priming pumps, my DR350 with CV carb is a 1 - 2 kick starter. This is the same as when it was fitted with its original Pumper carb.

Hope this helps!


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