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I really still think it depends on the expected purpose for this V7 Stelvio NTX type bike.

If it's for the type of riding Rocker shows in the pictures above, I'd be more inclined to look for bikes like James Adams showed in his picture on Page 237, Post #3553. Call them 90 (off-road)/10 (on-road) bikes -- street legal motorcross bikes that can be used (in a pinch) for back woods camping trips with strap-on bags and bungee cords. I saw a lot of those at the AdvRiders West Fest in Darby, MT in '11. Most were either owned/ridden by somewhat local people or came in on trailers.

If, on the other hand, the expected purpose is something similar to the NTX but lighter in weight, then IMO, that's a different bike. That's more an 90 (on-road)/10 (off-road) bike where the off-road stuff is not quite as "rough". That bike will be more robust, designed for sustained highway speeds, have more permanent luggage carrying capability, more rider protection from the elements and will be larger/longer for possible two-up riding. As a result it will be heavier. It will probably be up close to the Quota, which I think is in the 550# range.

Last, for calibration purposes, the Trax rear cases on my NTX weigh 11# each, add ~4# each for mounting, total for the system ~30#. Center stand ~20#.

Ride safe.
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