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New Terra owner

Bought a Terra at BMW Motorcycles of Las Vegas on Wednesday 5 Dec 12. It's the second one sold in Vegas! All the guys at this shop are awesome! Third bike I have bought there and have been happy everytime.

Have a GSA for long distance but felt it was too heavy and expensive for off road. I will use the Terra for exploring 2 track trails in Nevada, So Cal and Utah.
I have plated 3 off road bikes in the past and they were killer off roaders, however they sucked on the street. With those bikes I used to haul ass off road and took a lot of risks. Now I want to slow down and enjoy the scenery and I feel that the Terra will let me do that. Plus, I can ride it on the street and not get beat up.

I have only 100 miles on it and love it so far! First thing I noticed was the bars are too low and the bend doesn't want you to stand up. Easy fix, different bars. Of course off road protection is the next thing. Skid plate, radiator guard and handguards are a must have before I take it off road. I've bought AltRider farkles for my GSA and the fit and finish of their stuff is awesome. They are in development of a skid plate and radiator guard so I will get them when they are available.

Tires are another thing. I want a 50/50 tire so I will try some TKC80's and see how that works out.

That's really it for right now. I will post some pics later and post when I start tricking it out.
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