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Al -

I'm thinking of my next project, once the Harris moves along. Because I have a plethora of SRX's (mostly 600's, but I do have a cherry 250), I'm thinking of trying to find an SRX mono-shock frame (from the UK), putting a late model upside down fork on it, 17" wheels, and lightening it as much as possible. That way I can put an SRX engine in, have the opportunity to use the best rubber available with good (stiff) forks and a decent monoshock, and it will be on a platform that is closer to something that will (relatively) comfortably accomodate my big ass. I've road raced my stock SRX (1986 US twin shock model with 35 mm spindles up front) at Mid-Ohio, and it was fine . . . up to a well defined limit. At that point, it started talking very convincingly to me that if I continued to push, it would have its way with me and I'd be very, very disappointed that I did not heed its warnings. Sorta like my 1971 Norton Commando.

The issue is sourcing a UK/European SRX mono-shock frame (1988 - 1995?). I know there were a lot of SRX400's in the UK (the lower displacement limit popular with younger riders for licensing purposes), but I don't know if SRX400 frames are the same dimensions, mounting points, etc., as SRX600 frames. Anyone know?

What is it about us "full framed" guys and itty bitty road racers? I think there should be a handicap system to even the playing field with the Dani Pedrosa's of the world.


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