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Originally Posted by SkyToph View Post
What is up!

Really excited about this thread! I would of never guessed that there would be a thread for this awesome bike!!

I do not own one, wish I did! I will post my bike soon (TW 200). My buddy has one that I am in love with! Here is the crazy story of last sunday's events!!!

My buddy had his bike in front of his house in New Orleans for far too long (this is a really greasy city, not in a good way)! Someone drove a screw driver into the ignition trying to steal it. This gave my really busy friend even more delay for moving the bike (he just had a baby). It also gave the slime balls who attempted to steal it time to brain storm.....

Last saturday night my friend and I were chatting on the phone. "We need to move the bike" he said. I agreed "ya man! I've been saying that ever since I got to town! lets do it tomorrow!" He agreed. 6 hours later, at 6 am, his neighbors wife came banging on the door... "someone is taking your bike!!" My bud totally Redlined................ Out the door in a flash in his boxers... In front of his house he saw a Uhaul truck with his XL 600 half way up the ramp dragged on its side. Handle bars locked, chain on the rear tire. Full speed my bud charged the truck with one thing on his mind..."gotta stop that trucK!!!!" as the truck floored it, my bud ran so fast that his legs came out from under him. As the truck sped away, he laid there in defeat, in his skippys, with road rash on his hand, knees and on the tops of his feet! bad rash, like chunks of skin missing, like he feel from a moving bike! (I think he blacked out and actually grabbed the truck and was dragged.

Anyway, he lay there in defeat, and looked behind him. There in the middle of the road, his XL awaited him. He told his girl that he didn't want to tell me because he knew I would be pissed. I reacted totally the opposite! I knew that it was a win! That we still had the bike!! And immediately brought it to our shop and fixed it up.

I told this story for one reason... to lead up to the missing part... the Seat! The F>>KER trying to steal the bike took the seat and whipped it into his Uhaul before he tried to load it!

Is there anybody out there with a XL 600 Seat? They are extremely hard to find! His is an 85, so the blue one.

I will post some pics tomorrow of the bike.. man I love that bike!

Nice save.

I have a blue seat I will part with.

Win a Free Helmet.
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