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I lived in Tucson in the mid 70's, used to go shooting with my neighbor who was a DEA agent in town. He told me that in 20 years of law enforcement he had only been in situations three times where shots were fired, they had all three been since arriving in Tucson with the DEA.....back then it was a fairly active drug area....might still be. Anyway, my point is the desert that close to the border can be iffy.

Had another friend that was a game warden with the state. I rode with him for a day to get a feel for what game wardens do for a living. He made it clear that at night, if you see activity in the desert....go ahead and drive back to's nothing you want to get involved won't want to risk your life for a few bales of weed. That's what the DEA guys and their automatic weapons are for......

Of course that was almost 40 years ago, probably nothing but old retired folks there now enjoying the sun and working on the tan's......

You might notice that I retired to the north end of the state, just a little too far north....

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