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custom mid pipe for 24F0A

Since I'm a cheap bastard, I decided to build my own mid pipe. Nothing against Jesse's, I'm sure his is 1000000x better than mine in every respect, but as a post college student waiting my government job to start, $220 spent on a pipe isn't too wise.

Off to Auto Zone I went, and bought a bunch of exhaust pipe adapters and some flexible exhaust tube. Luckily the muffler I bought off eBay came with its mid pipe. The Hayabusa can's pipe measured 2-3\8" so I had to make the 1.5" header get into that. I took my time and measured everything out, working from the muffler back to the header. I cut the Hayabusa mid pipe back to its original bend so that gave me more room to work with. I was able to use the adapters to get the larger pipe down to the 1-3\4" flexible pipe, and once I reached the header, I ran into an issue. I could not flex the pipe enough to fit on the header, without rubbing the brake line holder on the swing-arm.

I thought about using the stock muffler pipe, since its bent already for the swing-arm and has the bracket to mount it to the frame installed. After a lot of measuring and praying, I took the saw out and cut that part of the pipe off. If I screwed up, its a $220 mistake. After that, one more trip this time to advanced auto (must better selection IMO, should have went there first) solved all my problems. I fitted everything one more time, and built a bracket to hold the muffler back a little. Then off to the basement (where is it much hotter than the garage) to glue everything.. Yes I said glue. I don't know how to weld, yet. I'm waiting for harbor freight to discount their welders, then I'm going to teach myself with YouTube . I used quick steel high temp putty, good to 500*F. I figure if the cylinder head only sees about 400*F on a hot day in traffic (as per online readings from the vapor) I should be in the clear.

After all the glue dried, I mounted up the custom exhaust system and realized that I need a new exhaust gasket since I torn mine apart messing with all the other pipes. Hopefully that gets here tomorrow, as procycle is friggin' awesome and shipped it on only 30 mins after the order was placed .

Currently it sounds pretty good, you can hear and feel the exhaust where the header meets the mid pipe, but once that is sealed, it will all be fine. My bike sounds deeper and thumps deep (if that makes sense) right now, but I won't know the exact sound till after the gasket is in place.

If you were able to keep up during all that text, I congratulation you... here are the pics:

About how much I cut off the pipe of the old muffler:

The stock Hayabusa mid pipe:

Header to mid pipe joint:

Back near the muffler, flexible pipe joining the original Hayabusa mid pipe:

Bracket to hold the muffler, I used the rubber from the stock muffler and squished it against the frame, and hard mounted the muffler to the bracket... I think I'm going to have to work on this still, as the muffler moves when pushed:

Finished product, yes the bike was running:

All set and done, I paid $25 in pipe fittings, glue, and the flexible pipe. The muffler on ebay was $16 + $20 shipping = $36. The gasket from Procycle was $25 after shipping and handling. That's a grand total of $86 and only $50 for the mid pipe and gasket. Total time was around 3 hours. I also got a 17 tooth sprocket at procycle, to see how that feels with the slightly smaller new rear tire.
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