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Tires, round all around. Straight pipes to save from getting read ended. Headlight, set up and aimed to modulate against pesky squirrels. Be sure to put on a Gremlin bell, and rob some handlebar tassels from the kid's bike. Do you have a beanie helmet? Or can you borrow a tupperware bowl from The Domestic Associate?

Assert y'self with the nosey neigbors this weekend.

Seriously, it looks good. Whenever I change a tire/ repair a flat I check the tire pressure frequently with an accurate pressure gauge for a couple of days. Just to be sure.

Don't sweat the seat. This is what I used for a couple of weeks whilst I was awaiting for my Bill Mayer Seat. Teaches you humility, gets a lot of strange looks from the biking community. Teaches them to learn respect...

Have a great weekend!

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