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Originally Posted by Reaver View Post
The fuel tank cracking happens far less in Canada for some reason but is still a known problem. The valve cover leak happenend to ALL the bikes which prompted a redesign. Both these issues should be easy enough to resolve. The steering bearings were an issue to a TO guy here. Mine were probably the same but I didn't care. He was able to get three sets changed at a Toronto area Dealer under warranty where I never considered it possible so never asked.

We just replaced our 658 (slang for the 650gs twin with an 800 engine) that my GF wrote off 6 wks ago now. We're the 4th owners in 20K. I was confident because it had the full Dealer history behind it and with BMW's, sometimes the owners work their way up with new bikes a lot. It had been ridden gently by a newish mature rider, traded in, then bought by a guy that had second thoughts about it for over a year (added less than 2k kms to it), then sold it to another iffy rider. We bought it all accessorized already and was too good a deal to pass up.

Are you buying it certified? Is the BMW Dealer doing it? When you're checking the VIN with the Dealer, ask about the warranty history. They can tell you the claims and recalls already done.

As a general inspection item, I always look at the steering stops for damage or repair. Seen a few that were suspect before.

I think you're a bit tall for a 658. An 800/658 is the same riding position while moving but feels small when stopped. I'm a bit short for my 800 but fine when loaded up. I've spent a lot of time on an R1200GS which are nice but more money still. My 800 came pre-destroyed as a test bike so it was cheap and I pretend I beat it up cause I'm a "Gnarly Adventurer" like everyone else here.

Thanks Reaver.

I'm actually heading out in a couple hours to have a look/ride. Its being sold certified - by the current owner - not BMW - not sure I made it clear in an earlier post when I said it was re-sold by BMW - I meant BMW sold it new, took it back as a trade and then sold it to the current owner.

Ill be stopping by the dealer after looking at it to have a look at the full service / warranty history.

When you say "He was able to get three sets changed at a Toronto area Dealer" - this obviously implies that the issue wasn't correct by simply replacing the bearings. Is there not a permanent fix for this?

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