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Having ridden the routes they were on in California, and those in Dakar (and Morocco) for reference, I can say that our US riding is generally considerably more risky and technical. As well, the roadbooks here don't have dangers marked- they are as good or better in terms of directional layout, but they make no attempt to call out dangers. That's a big difference for the frontrunners in Dakar- what I witnessed there was commitment beyond visibility, and total trust in the danger markings of the roadbook.
As best as I can tell, they were testing in the Stoddard Wells area, south of Barstow. There are no roadbook routes in that area as far as I know, though both Quinn and Johnny have asked me to make something there. And I'm not aware of Johnny using my roadbooks during this recent testing. So, my guess is they were not following any roadbook. Also, that area is torn up pretty well, with tons of whoops in some places. It's probably a good place to stress the bikes, which is what I thought they were doing.
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